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SUV & 4WD Tyres

We carry a comprehensive range of tyres suitable for your SUV or 4WD vehicle, from the best brands in the business. If you are looking for a particular brand or model please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist

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Cooper 4WD

Cooper 4WD tyres are made with deeper treads to give you better traction off-road and more mileage. With the latest technology in tread design, featuring Cooper's unique Armor-Tek3 technology and advanced compounds, Cooper Tires has the most advanced off road tyres to-date.

Federal 4WD Tyres

Federal's versatile SUV and 4X4 tires offer ultimate traction and steering control to handle on-road or off-road expeditions.

Sailun 4WD Tyres

In New Zealand, 4×4 tyres are subjected to a variety of applications and terrain.

4×4 tyres in Hamilton, New Zealand are exposed to different types of applications and terrain. There are beautiful places in the country only accessible by dirt roads and uneven surfaces that only the toughest 4WD vehicles can reach. At Tyre Tracks, we have great selections of off-road tyres for your off-road adventures.

Choosing the right tread pattern, size and carcass construction is important, especially when driving around town on smooth bitumen or driving heavy-loaded vehicles on wet, muddy tracks. We assure you that our in-house experts can help you select the perfect set of tyres for your situation. Whether you’re an amateur or a veteran adventurer, we will assist you in achieving your goals.

4WD tyres in Hamilton come in bunches and if choosing without any prior knowledge, it could mean commitment to a bad set. It could ruin your adventures and your weekly trips to the shop. Don’t risk your money and approach us here in Tyre Tracks. We’ll provide you with accurate information and all the tyre choices you need or prefer.

We take pride in providing quality services to everyone needing our assistance. 4×4 cars are supposed to be tough on all fronts and its tyres should be no less resilient. Not only are we here to supply the rubber, Tyre Tracks also ensures that the tyres are fastened tight and performs optimally when under duress.

Tyre Tracks offers stocks of Cooper Tires, Goodyear, Falken and Dunlop. Call us at 0800 438 8973 (GET TYRES) for expert advice from a Cooper 4×4 tyre specialist.

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Great team, easy to deal with and the Cooper Tires they put on have been excellent
And yet another amazing experience and outstanding service from the team at Tyre Tracks. They went above and beyond to get the vehicle driving perfect, it feels like a completely different vehicle. A massive thanks to Mat, Greg, Jason and the team!!!
Jack Bramley
Went in for a wheel alignment on my project Land Rover this morning. Fast, friendly and great service! The alignment is spot on and if the certifier is unhappy with it they've offered to adjust the alignment, free of charge. I would recommend them.
Regan Corbett
I just had a wheel alignment done and two new tyres. Everyone was super nice and the service was speedy. One of the guys even came in and put the heater on for my baby. I'll definitely recommend and return :-) Thanks guys
Kimmy Beamsley
I have found dealing with Matt and his team at Tyre Tracks very professional everytime I have required their service. It's easy to recommend Tyre Tracks to anyone wanting great tyres and a first class service.. Cheers, from a very happy customer.

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