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Do you want more mileage and better value from your tyres – Tyre Tracks recommend Cooper Tires.

At Tyre Tracks we are learning that more Contractors, Farmers and Tradesman are choosing Cooper Tires for their higher mileage, outstanding performance and better value for money. These hard working people are busy and don’t want to be replacing their tyres after just 30,000 kms or 40,000 kms. Cooper Tire’s have more tread going around and across the tyre, up to 30.3% more than many original tyres that come on new vehicles. That means Cooper Tires can guarantee their tyres will last and they do.

Tyre Tracks are an authorized Cooper Tire dealer and in August 2015 we were presented with the prestigious Cooper Tire gold award.

“We sell Cooper Tires because they last longer and are better value for money for our customers. When it comes to quality tyres, you need a stronger casing to support your vehicle and increased tread depth. Cooper’s stronger construction and deeper tread depths keep drivers safer, by offering more grip, more resistance to punctures and more mileage” Matt – Tyre Tracks.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Cooper Tires, call us now on 0800 4 TYRES.


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