Cooper Tyres







Do you want your tyres to last longer?

Make your next set of tyres a set of High Mileage Cooper Tires



“Tyre Tracks recommends Cooper Tires because they are built to last”


Cooper Tire Features

Up to 50% more than Tread Depth than many factory fitted brands

One of the only 4WD tyres that have Chemically-Coupled Silica

Heavy duty casings with High Tensile Cords & Super Tensile Steel Belts

Cooper Tire Benefits

More Mileage & Better Value for Money

More Mileage & Improved Wet Performance

Improved Puncture Resistance & Increase Load Carrying Capacity



CS5 & SRX – Next Generation Road Tyres- Guranteed to last up to 80,000kms



Stops up to 12m’s shorter

Increased handling in wet and dry from a new pattern and latest   coupled silica compound. The CS5 has been tested and stops up to 12m’s shorter, in the wet, compared to other leading competitors

2.5 times more mileage

The CS5 & SRX come with higher treadwear ratings than many original equipment tyres. The CS5 has been tested and most sizes come with high treadwear ratings of 780.

Reduced Road Noise

The latest tread design improves handling, reduces road noise and creates a smoother ride.


AT3 – Next Generation AT Tyre – Guranteed to last up to 80,000km’s



AT3’s last longer  – 51% more Tread Depth

The AT3 lasts longer than many original equipment tyres because it has deeper tread depths in the Light Truck sizes: 12-14mm compared to OE 8-9mm.

Less punctures – 66% stronger casing

By increasing the strength of Light Truck construction sidewall cords to super tensile polyester cords, Cooper’s Sidewalls are up to 66% stronger in the sidewall compared to the old ATR. This means less damage and a higher load capacity.

Improved Wet and Dry Traction Handling

The chemically bonded silica tread compound provides improved wet and dry traction and handling on the highway, while also improving cut-n-chip resistance while increases mileage.


LTZ – Hybrid All-Terrain sport Truck Tyre – Guaranteed to last up to 50,000km’s



LTZ is an AT tyre for Upsize Trucks – 18”to 22”

The LTZ is designed for all-terrain performance and looks for vehicles with increased rim sizes

Light Truck Steel Belt  – 15% more strength

The LTZ is a Hybrid tyre cross between a passenger and light truck constructed tyre. By increasing the strength of steel belt improves the LTZ’s performance and stability and increases punctures resistance.


S/T MAXX – True 50/50 Tyre – Guaranteed to last up to 70,000km’s



S/T maxx last’s longer – 14.7mm Tread Depth

The S/T maxx is built to last with 14.7mm of tread depth.

Patented Armor Tek 3 – 66% Stronger

Cooper’s new S/Tmaxx is 66% stronger in the sidewall and over 2.5 times more tear resistant than the old S/T. Thanks to the inclusion of Coopers Armor Tek 3 casing.

Cut-n-Chip Resistant Tread Compound

Provides improved wet and dry traction and handling on the highway, while improving cut-n-chip resistance in harsher rocky and gravel terrain.


STT – Latest Generation Most Advanced Mud Tyre



Cooper Tires STT Pro

80% dirt & mud – 20% road & sand

More Traction

10% to 20% wider foot print than competition, see video

Less Punctures

50% more protection and 2.5 times more resistance to tearing, from Patented Armor Tek3 casing.