Eco Tyres

Our team at Tyre Tracks believes that our planet is very precious.

We will strive to keep looking for environmentally sustainable business practises that will help make a difference on the planet. The best we can do as tyre suppliers is to provide green choices for our customers, and those green choices come in the form of eco tyres in Hamilton.

The main material from which eco tyres come from is plant by-products. Its very essence are not massively damaging to nature like extracting of rubber or petroleum for regular tyres. As there is a focus on shifting from petrol-burning cars to self-sufficient vehicles, it only makes sense to move to a less damaging future for car owners and us.

Part of our environment strategy is to stock a variety of eco-friendly tyre choices. Additionally, there are three main differences with eco tyres:

  1. Increased fuel efficiency, which means less emissions
  2. Durability (less frequent land full)
  3. Tyre production practise with the use of aromatic oils

Eco tyres don’t impact the planet as much. In fact, the silica compounds that are  in these tyres are often found in premium tyres. For less, you will get top-grade tyres that helped decrease the burden of the environment. The current situation is dire and by switching to eco tyres, you can personally help the fight against environmental damage.

If you would like additional information about the eco tyres we have in stock, ask us the next time you visit.

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